Although I might like to deal heavily in psychology and all that, I'd like it to be known that I am not a licensed psychologist or doctor, and have never gone to school for either. Whatever advice I deal out is not to be taken as professional advice. Everything here is purely my own reading, my own judgement, my own thinking, and my own self-experimentation.

Though, there's not much to worry about anyhow. As far as I'd go with "medical advice" would be suggesting whistling for a better mood, salmon in your diet, and an ice bath for better sleep; that's all. Nothing controversial.

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Otherwise this blog is totally unsponsored. Unless there's ever individual exceptions -- which will be mentioned in the relevant pieces -- nobody sends me stuff to review, pays for pieces to be written, or whatever. It's me writing along for free, hoping it'll add value to your life.

Lastly, because I talk to heavily about my personal experiences I'll often change up a few facts about my situation, such as using the past tense to refer to ongoing situations or saying "she" instead of "he," so that relevant parties won't read themselves in the writing and privacy is maximally respected.