My writing is dedicated towards becoming the greatest you can be in life, in whatever kind of life you dedicate yourself to. I want to create prime-movers.
"[The proud man] does not demand of himself the impossible, but he does demand every ounce of the possible. He refuses to rest content with a defective soul, shrugging in self-deprecation 'That's me.' He knows that that 'me' was created, and is alterable, by him." — Leonard Peikoff
In a way that means this is a self-improvement blog, but it's focalized onto a particular point -- becoming your best in life -- and analyzing the different aspects of it. That means my wide variety of posts will fall into a limited set of four or so categories.

One, methods and techniques. Rare talent in the world is born not by luck, but by taking rare paths and making rare decisions which are available to all, but few undertake. I want to publish what those rare paths and decisions are to enable people to have more access to them, and to also contribute my own -- and brainstorm other suggestions -- to add to the pool. The more these rarities get known, the less rare the greatest people in society will be.

Two, I want to inspire people by posting book reviews of great men, pointing to an inspiring video, or even publishing the unheard story of a great individual who happens to be a neighbor. What really pushes a human-being most towards greatest is to witness greatness. Anytime I ever hear about the great accomplishments of another person it sets my engine on fire, as it's a concrete example of how greatness is possible in this world, and it makes me desperately curious to find out what that person's methods were. The greatest nudge I can give to my readers is to write about men who have lived or who are alive, to show them their greatness, and to show them their methods, and there's no way they can sit around saying self-realization is impossible to them.

Three, I'd like to analyze various aspects of negative thinking and pitfalls. A lot of what can hold us back from an ideal lifestyle can be a condescending attitude towards ourselves, such as just believing getting over a bad habit is impossible, or being too scared of other people's judgement to do something original. More times than not it's a person holding himself back through the imaginary obstacles in his head, not the external forces of the world.

Four, I'd like to examine the nature of human relationships in a life dedicated to your highest happiness, both from the good and bad perspective.

From the good, I'd examine how to be likable, make time out of a busy life for essential people, keep relationships healthy, get over internal obstacles in developing a personality, and so forth, as healthy relationships fulfill a necessary emotional need in people, pushing them further into pursuing greatness. If you're besieged by loneliness, how can the discomfort not prevent you from putting maximum effort into your life? You may be able to push through, but not as hard otherwise if you were satisfied.

At the same time we all deal with pretty bad people. Parents might disapprove of your original thinking and harangue you into accepting tradition. Bullies may become envious at what kind of good life you lead and deliberately try to make you miserable, push you to your breaking point, or make you give up. Still others may refuse to treat you justly, such as a boss refusing to promote you since you're irreplaceable in your current position. What are the best ways of dealing with these people, getting away from them, or preserving our mental health? If we don't know how, then our ignorance empowers them enough to actually make us give up our quest for self-realization. I've known people who grew into old age, even passing away, without having an taste of authentic happiness, all in part because they were terrified of other people's judgement and disapproval. In my own life, my thinking habits have been threw askew by people who frequently harassed me. How does one get more sturdy against it? There are ways.

Altogether these categories integrate to focalize on achieving your maximum potential, whether it be choosing the most ideal methods for self-improvement, overcoming the fear of people disapproving or mocking you, or seeing what other people have achieved to give us that good little kick in the pants. I may want to go into the culinary field, but that doesn't mean my writing will be narrow; it's possible to derive principles broad and understandable enough to apply to and benefit many lifestyles. For instance, in using a stopwatch, it may benefit me personally in timing myself in various culinary tasks, but it could also benefit an office worker in getting him to walk briskly through a big office building for max productivity.

The title *A Giant Doing* encapsulates the theme perfectly. I want to analyze the practices, behaviors, and thinking habits of giants, show people how to become giants, and teach them how to avoid getting run down mentally by a society that may resent them for wanting so much out of life. Whether you want to be a giant in the business field or simply a great parent doesn't matter: It's about realizing yourself in a way that maximizes your happiness.