Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VIDEO: Why I'm Voluntarily Homeless

In case you thought my prior article on why I've decided to become homeless is too long, I offer you a video presentation as an alternative.

Close-captioning in provided, which I recommend since the audio fades out at some parts, for some reason. (I was using my smartphone to film.)

I have an idea for at least 2 more videos on this subject, so stay tuned for that. It may take awhile, since I discovered inputting close-captioning is quite tedious! I ventured to do it anyway here since close-captioning is so important to me as a hearing-impaired person, and it's immensely frustrating to go without.

(At the same time, watching myself makes me grimace. Perhaps I should undertake some speaking self-improvement ventures. Watching your own video makes you super-aware of mannerisms you've never noticed before.)

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