Thursday, April 24, 2014

Measuring Up for Perseverence

By Downtowngal at Wikipedia CommonsOne of the greatest follies I've taken time to recognize lately is that I've kept my mind's eye on the wrong thing for many years now.

I was affected by this article that asserts we need to focus on our day-to-day habits rather than our distance to concrete endpoints in order to be truly successful, as its the individual steps we take daily that are far more important.

Still yet, after some months of mulling it over it has sunk in that there's an even deeper wisdom to this. It's not only practical to be more focused on daily habit rather than ends, but perhaps necessary in sustaining motivation in all of one's life. Learning to measure the right thing and love those measurements may be just what will give us the strength to endure any hardship imaginable.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jamie Hyneman: Ex-Homeless Man, Presently Great Man

I always find it deeply soothing to find that a man I greatly respect has gone through the same hardships as I have, and that he came out of them with spectacular success. It says to me that my problems are not undefeatable, and that success beyond my wildest dreams is possible, still, regardless of how dark things seem.

Jamie Hyneman is such a man I respect. Aside from being a host of the very popular show Mythbusters, he owns his own special-effects company and has a long resume of the creations he made for various companies, is a multi-millionaire, and has a rather polymathic resume. He's also one of the key men that makes me contemplate practical autodidactism.

Given that, it surprised me to learn that he ran away from home and lived out his youth in homelessness. Interesting parallel, for not only am I myself presently homeless, I also "ran away from home," given that I told almost none of my family that I was moving out of state (and remain out of communication with most of them).

At times my hardships make me pessimistic about my ability to rise out of them, but if a great man like Mr. Hyneman has already accomplished such a feat, it's earthly and human proof that it is possible.

If you think life is tough, keep your mind on your heroes.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Attempted Return, With New Thoughts and Dreams

It's been a very long time, hasn't it? Though I've always been an inconsistent author, I apologize regardless, for the turbulence of life has kept me away. . . though I really want to get back to writing here. I've long missed the feeling of feeding my thoughts into the keyboard, though I am now rusty and probably have to write some bad articles to prime the system again.

To get reacquainted I'll detail what's been going on in my life, starting off at our departure point of discussing the Year of Hydra, then relay my writing plans, and, most significantly, tell how I've changed as a person, for a lot has been going on behind the scenes.

For the most part, I confess that the Year of Hydra has been very, very shaky, and I'm not doing as sincere a job as I should in my self-improvement goals. Ever since I've started my voluntary homeless experiment life has been an intense emotional struggle. The scars from last year still haven't quite healed, and of my own fault.