Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So Passes 2013; Here's 2014, the Year of Hydra

Forgive me in failing to get a timely post out on new year's before the midnight hour, but other interference, well, interfered. Productivity was demanded elsewhere.

Anyhow, how about the occasional personal note plus a view on new year's resolutions?

Well, 2013, I have to admit, was the toughest year of my adult life. I intended it to be the Year of Prime-Moving to signal my really moving forward with putting skills to good (and financial) use, but it turned out to be the Year of Charlie Brown instead!

There's something Shakespearean in how the difficulties lined themselves up this passing year. It's just like those segments of Peanuts comics where Charlie Brown tries to fly a kite, only to have it fail for some reason or another. He tries, it crashes and tangles him in the string; he tries, it flies into the sentient kite-eating tree; he tries, it combusts in mid-air. A lot of events happened this way for me.

For instance, at one point, I had two jobs, which would resolve my debts within the year. (Hooray!) But then I was let go on a whim from one employer. (Good grief.) But then I got rehired and had two jobs again! (Hooray!) But then my car broke down in a drastic way, leaving me with only the job I could walk to. (Good grief.) But then I got it fixed! (Hooray!) But then the manager at the other job inexplicably wouldn't let me back. (Good grief.)

Though, at the very least I'm not a mystic. I don't believe there was any kind of mystical force behind these events, driving them and taunting me. It's just statistical bad luck, and it seems to have stopped at long last, though 2014 is going to have its challenges too. Good challenges, I'll make it, and with better outcomes, with work.

My new year's resolution is to earn at least 25% of my income from self-employment ventures, as I need to begin working on, after all, gaining independence from institutional employment. It's a dream of mine, a gateway to all other dreams of mine. I abhor no bitterness against institutions except that I don't believe my full power can be unleashed otherwise.

On that thought, I heed Alex Epstein's words. I ignored his advice for the past year on the matter, but having seen the folly he's warned again hit me, I realize it's impractical to make more than one new year's resolution. Just make one: It gets too complicated to deal with further specifics throughout an entire year, where the unpredictable turbulence good or bad could have you be rethinking your needed courses of action, not to forget you may simply change desires over time. At one point, I resolved to learn a fighting style. Since then I've lost interest: New year's resolution failed.
Also, I'll take one last whack at naming my years. In plagiarizing a friend of mine, I've liked attaching names to my year to establish a kind of theme for then as to what they should be composed of. 2012 was the Year of Self-Mastery. 2013 was the Year of Prime-Moving, though of Charlie Brown in substance.

For 2014, why not the Year of Hydra, the mythological beast that grows two heads in losing one?

I'm reading this fascinating book on antifragility and am struck with how it's spritually better to be Hydra than the Phoenix. The Phoenix bird is robust, but reborn from the ashes it's the same. The Hydra grows stronger and stronger at injury. Since times have been difficult, it's a good inspiration to consider one trying to become Hydra.

I may have made a ton of mistakes in 2013 . . . which does embarass me, as an author of a supposed self-improvement blog . . . but mistakes are there for learning from and redeeming oneself.

With that information in tow, onward to the Year of Hydra.

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