Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shall I Change the Title?

I know that I'm a bad blogger at present, writing so infrequently, but I could use some input: Would it be worthwhile to change the title of this blog to something like *What a Giant Does* or *What Giants Do*?

Embarrassingly, it took me some months, but recently I noticed that my current title of *A Giant Doing* could be interpreted as an arrogant supposition of myself somehow being a "giant", and what "I" "do." I don't claim to be a giant, but I can see how the title might accidentally insinuate myself.

This blog is geared towards self-improvement, especially mental and cognitive self-improvement, and I wanted to use Rod Serling's quote "A giant is as a giant does." to emphasize that the focus here is that in order to become great in life, you have to have great habits, and the lives of people like Leonardo Da Vinci (a tremendous polymath) are worth examining for methods to adopt. (It is also a rebellion against those obsessed with appearance. I remember too much in my youth how often people got away with being consider good or decent because they could smile and look nice, the involved parties ignoring their horrible behavior.)

A change wouldn't be too much, but first some input would be nice. What do you think?

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