Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to Reincarnate This Blog?

It must be disobeying a deep part of my nature to not to write, for the slightest departure from it haunts me like a bad deed, and if I be a bad blogger, I resort to being a good FB note writer, or handwritten journal introspector. Are those of us who like to write possessed by the near-painful urge to maintain the practice?

Well, I ought to write more to invest in what could be some meaningful skills in the long-term, and let us see if we can brainstorm a way to resurrect this blog. After some thinking, I think I've come up with a way to change direction only slightly and come back home here as the pad of paper to resort to.

Aside from the turbulence the originally occurred in my life, now subsided, I've lost the will to maintain this blog's original intention, which was to be a near-professional and profitable venture on focused self-improvement writing. It's my favorite writing category and easy enough to set habits around, but alas, profitable it did not become, and the turbulence that occurred really kept me from this for a long time and demolished the habits I had set around it. There's no longer any interest in me to be professional at this. Yet, there's still plenty of interest in me to relish in writing here somehow, so a reincarnation in some form might be better.

How about this: Why don't we fall back on a classic personal blog theme, meaning I talk concretely of my life's practices and general thoughts, and we fit that in with the overall self-improvement theme originally set for the blog? In other words, why don't I just spend more time talking about how I myself engage in self-improvement and my general thoughts to living a better life?

I think one of the biggest difficulties of my original conception is that I tried making most of my other articles "timeless" pieces that could be referenced for years come without showing noticeable age, such as very time-sensitive references to my life and whatnot. To be "professional," I wanted everything to abstractly laid out in principles as much as possible as scientifically as possible as if each individual article could be put verbatim in a book without awkward personal references or build-ons to older blog posts.

It makes sense, for the majority of my self-improvement techniques are continually at work in being perfected, and almost never can I write such an independent article that guarantees I won't make a significant change to the technique's methodology. Plus, it's a little strange to try and divorce the technique from concretes of my own life since I am not a scientist or guru on self-improvement, but rather a guy who practices these very techniques, spawning the thinking to begin with. It's not like I scope the literature of other people's practices and commentate on them; it's nearly all first-hand experience.

To become personalized and dispose of any thought towards profit making and "book-ready" article ought to ease up the restrictions enough to allow ease of consistent attention towards this outlet, rather than as a project upon which I must set up formal assignments and advertising procedures.

Though, I want to prevent breaking your heart in advance by promising no timelines or consistent posting. Perhaps ten times a week at all shades of daylight one week, a two-week break, and three posts at noon on the spot the following week. I may enjoy writing and wish to dedicate myself more to it, but there's still a real-life to tend to, as well as a career and hopefully entrepreneurial ventures. This shall be more a mode for me to sharpen my skills and brainstorm aloud with an audience.

I shall try in that vein, and let us see if we can fill the imaginary stadium seats for an audience again, and either come alive in your RSS feeds again or else return as subscriptions.

Let us try again!

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