Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Coming Climax, and Temporary Blogging Leave

Another boring update about the author.

I thought to notify you that this blog may go into remission for a bit, as -- now don't fret; I'm doing this on purpose -- I'll be living in my car for a bit in order to gather capital and get myself back into the black ink zone again. Overall, the reason why this blog has been so spotty is because of my turbulent finances, and this ought to be the last hurdle before I can really dedicate myself once again to my goals without excess outside concern.

I could probably afford an apartment, but I'm choosing the ultra-frugal car living because it distresses me that it was LAST year that I resolved to eliminate all my debt, and not only increased it but also, halfway through this next year, am still increasing it. The red ink accumulates.

Plus, it's been one hurdle after another, like having the reverse luck of Gladstone Gander. It isn't getting me spiritually down, but I have to remark at the silliness at how one event after another has been coming at me. The sun about rises over the horizon, and then oddly the horizon gets taller, bringing it back to pre-dawn.

For instance, I had to suffer the embarrassment of "lying" to my landlord because one of my bosses explicitly promised to increase my hours, which I passed onto my landlord as ensuring that I'd be paying my dues, and then the next week the hours would be arbitrarily hacked in divorce of working performance. Or I'll hit a sweet spot of having three incomes and so nearly having financial stability in my grasp, only to have something catastrophic happen to my car and whittle me down to one income plus walking to grocery stores.

Though, again I'm not complaining. It's just odd to me that this year of all years these events are occurring in a line like this. As such, reflecting upon this history and in being hit with the tremendous cost of car repair, I've decided to embrace voluntary, temporary homelessness as a way of finally getting the teeth out of my debt. It's a small one-person debt that can be paid off in a scant 3-4 months, but still irritating on the whole to have resolved for so long to get rid of it and see it laughing in the middle of the room, even bigger. Being Spartan for a bit ought to be the needed battle axe to cut it down to size and finally get it out of my face.

The majority of the considerations are solved. I'm at peace at having to whittle down my property a slight bit more to lighten the load, and my Paleo diet is still workable despite not having a dining area. I'll take advantage of an incentive to renew my gym membership to have a showering and shaving area, plus some dandy things like a place to do Body by Science workouts and utilize a sauna. (The sauna, in addition, ought to help acclimate me to approaching summer heat.) All that's left to work out is practical parking.
This means I'll have to take a temporary leave of absence from blogging, as I won't have access to my PC. With the money savings I'll try to get myself an affordable laptop -- like I've been blabbing about -- to bring myself back and to no longer have excuses for spotty blogging, and I should be able to afford it rather rapidly, under these circumstances.

It's odd to think I'm so at peace with this decision. I've spent all of these months, most of this year, getting stressed out and my heart rate up over eviction and homelessness, only to approach my move-out date and willingly choose it. It goes to show, again, that external situations do not have much power except how we react to them internally. The vast majority of our obstacles are on the inside . . . sometimes the entirety of our problems.

And! For those of you who may be scoffing at my claim to blog about self-optimization, in accepting homelessness in order to gain financial stability, I remind you that measuring how far you come towards your ideal goes by many standards. I primarily want to deal with here measures of psychological and character improvements, which may or may not lead to monetary wealth, so riches in themselves are the only measure of how successful a person's ambitious goals are. They can be, but we're more worried about the progress our mind and relationships make. We hope to be rich, but that isn't the primary concern.

The next time I broadcast to you, hopefully, is through a laptop at a Barnes & Noble, now stripped of any complaint of environmental distractions or being too busy with work to actually be a responsible author. I still have a lot of technology, computer, and internet related goals and projects to consider, like learning photoshop for an especial purpose or further mastering writing, which will bring me back to you in short-order.

Until then, my internet goes out Friday morning, and I shall largely be non-responsive for some weeks, I don't know how long. Any activity you see on my Twitter or Facebook profile is going to be automated posting.

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