Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ye Old *Heroes of Capitalism*

Aw man, I can't believe I had forgotten about the blog Heroes of Capitalism for so long! It's been dead for years, but it's archives are full of examples of great men who have moved the world and made it what it is today.

One of my favorite reading hobbies is to read the biographies of great men. For me, there's no greater source of inspiration than to read actual examples that do exist in this world, for it makes fully real just what's possible in this world, and makes you want to chase after it, too. Most surely this blog will serve as decent fodder to help you itch for a biography or two.

My favorite entry is about Jamie Hyneman. The incredible intellectual breadth and depths of the Mythbusters has always impressed me, so I've always been intrigued as to their histories. I'd *really* like to know their learning style.

Don't forget to send me leads on inspirational stuff like this.

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