Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yet Another Life Update: Mixed News

I'm sorry I've deviated so far from the general theme of this blog and have faltered in keeping my posting consistent, but at this point, at least until April, life has been one big emergency, so it's consuming much of my time to fight these fires and get stabilized. Hopefully by April I've finally be coming out ahead financially; normal posting will resume once life isn't a big emergency.

Anyhow, mixed new regarding my apartment. The situation got a little bit better, but stress is still in full effect.

The office lady in charge of my rent is being gracious enough to postpone my rent until the 26th, and at that I have to pay only the rental portion and not the late fees. That makes things significantly easier.

However, I'm worried about being able to raise funds, for my paycheck and plasma donations can get me about halfway there, and I'll probably have to do fundraising to make it the rest of the way, unless I luck out and do a special research event at the group I signed up with. Additionally, I could tackle oDesk for some fixed price jobs. Plus, I realized I still have credit over in Michigan, so I asked for them to send me a new copy of my credit card, though it has an insufficient limit and is unknown whether it will arrive on time.

I feel like a louse asking for money, but I'll probably have to again. Once I get over this hump I'm going on a mad debt-paying spree, and will probably be adverse to it from here on out.

As a bit of a damper on my plans the restaurant that's hiring me back won't start me until the week after the next, which really tosses up my prediction as to what my income was going to be. Additionally, I think my current job is skimping on overtime, so my pay there turned out to be dramatically lower.

If I can time it right, it would do me well to try and lease the apartment I'm in early so that I can move out before my 60-day period is up, which would allow me to get my massive $750 deposit back and not be responsible for further monthly rent. (I gave the massive deposit since I was so desperate to get away from my drunken landlord, and god awful roommates in general.)

Once this hump is over with I should be in the far cheaper rental, coming out ahead, paying off my lenders, and tackling debt.

Again, I hate to ask, but any loans would be appreciated. I'll contact again as to the needs of the situation, but at the very least I'd appreciate some financial advice and whatnot.

Once this is over with I'm striving never to be in this situation again. What horrendous stress.

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