Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Update: Upturns and Timing Scares

How about another life update to let you know the author isn't dead in a ditch, eh?

Well, things are extremely mixed for me right now. It's mainly a matter of timing.

The good news is that the restaurant I've gotten fired from affirmed that they're willing to take me back on as a dishwasher, and would like me to call them back on Friday for the next schedule. That's not only good financially, but also for my resume' to negate the fact I was fired before. On top of that, I'm also getting more hours at my other ongoing job (though it's been underpaying, thus not sustaining me), and I've started freelancing on a platform called oDesk.

Yet furthermore, I'm doing some self-employment work with a partner and scoping out other opportunities. The plasma donations are still ongoing -- I rather like losing my needle phobia -- and now I've signed up for a kind of marketing group, which I have yet to hear from.

Though, in the short-term one thing I'd at least like to try is calling back some of my own chefs to see if I can get back into my old hotel job. It was the best place I ever worked at hands down and I miss it terribly. The odds are unlikely they're able to, but I'll try; I'm taking the same advice I gave a friend about his longing upon leaving a good job, and it took me a few days to realize it applied to me as well.

The difficult, though not quite bad-ish, news is that I'm still at risk for eviction, though the office ladies are being compassionate and really patient with me. They've given me lots of extensions, and I am quite ashamed for having had to take it. I'll have to work like a madman to make sure they get the money on time or it's curtains . . . though, I'm not sure. That's the only true bad aspect: The uncertainty.  I've also given them my 60-days departure notice.

If all goes well I should at least meet my necessary expenses this cycle, break even the next, and be on my way up the next, starting to get some savings going again and whatnot . . . I hope. These weeks will tell.

It's not the intellect-oriented lifestyle I'd like to lead ultimately, but hey, I've got to do what I got to do, which also means this blog will still remain inconsistently updated, for a time. Keeping the Vegeta Mistake on my mind so much lately has really done well for both my stress-levels and condition; on the social level, it's really the primary cause of this situation to begin with. My attitude has been straight since them, and it makes me feel sad to see people caught up in the same thinking trap.

At the very least, these kind of trials are really making me think about the kind of life I'd like to lead in the long-run. You know, my life's purpose and all. Being this close to my own bankruptcy has really made me appreciate the necessities for getting ahead in the world, and I understand now I've got to be a puritan in protecting those conditions lest I go back down. When you feel better it's easy to feel okay about indulging in some vices, such as unhealthy food, in the disbelief of how much harm they can do you (such as unhealthy food spurring unhealthy emotions), but you've really got to follow your mind on this one.

Well, I'm pushing through at least. I haven't had the ability to read the book yet, but I keep chanting to myself to be the undefeated mind.

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