Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do Not Forget!

That I have a tip jar! This blog is made free for everyone, for all time. I really enjoy the writing and hope it's beneficial for both of us.

However, my time dedications are shifted according to what's most profitable, especially at this period in my life. The less value I can gain from this, then, unfortunately, the less time I can afford working for you, and the output here must decrease out of financial necessity.

So if I have contributed some value into your life, might you consider sending some back?

To take some concrete considerations, consider my article on strenuous living. That is a very valuable resource on how to find your purpose in life, which is something many people can't figure out their whole life.

Or how about The Vegeta Mistake? People can slip in being self-aware of what their emotions are doing to them, and in effect act on temptations in ways that keeps them from getting the external effects they want, as they simply cannot see how their temptations are sabotaging them.

How about my explanation of how concentration factors in every facet in our life? It's something supremely valuable that can be a little too easy to take for granted.

Most, if not all, of my writings are based on my experiences with life. I sit not in an armchair; I run up into the winds of life to see how these play out in reality, coming back to talk of how the effects have materialized in my life, hopefully to contribute to yours. Learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make them; learn from my successes so you can have them too.

All in all, I just ask for you to do what's in your best self-interest and contributes most to your happiness. I'll be able to spend more time writing here if it's more profitable and offer you more unique perspectives and analysis if so, but only if so.

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