Saturday, February 16, 2013

Help, If Willing

Welp, this may seem totally violate of my blog rules, but I need some help, as I'm in rather a financial emergency.

Due to my unfortunate stint with month-long unemployment I have fallen behind on some important bills, and risk being evicted from my apartment on Friday, February 22nd, and having my utilities shut off. With the last paycheck from the job I just got fired from, the pay from my current job, and the sums from donating blood plasma, I'm still coming up about $200 short. The office lady -- I technically don't have a landlord -- has delayed the cost as much as she can, so I don't think I can delay it any further. If evicted, I'll be living out of my car and depending on the library for internet, for awhile. There's nowhere else to go.

As such, if anybody would be willing to do so, I'll greatly appreciate a donation to my Paypal account so that I can meet these expenses, and continue having a place to live so I can self-improve, improve, and improve so that I won't ever meet this situation again, and, in fact, be able to donate to others.

If you contribute, please leave me your full contact information so that I can document it for later and prompt-as-possible payback, for I'll consider this all loans. I'll also make an e-mail list so that news of my condition will be constantly distributed, to let know how I'm doing and how close I'm getting to repaying everything. People will be paid back in accordance to largest contribution first, and any contributions that exceed my actual needs will be promptly returned and not accepted.

As for what I've done so far, I've applied for and been accepted for Food Stamps, and applied for unemployment benefits, which I haven't received news on yet. I've contacted some representatives at Modest Needs and am waiting for a message back, as well as some news from Amazon Associates on whether they'd be willing to pay my unpaid advertising fees earlier.

Unfortunately, I am not applicable for TANF since I don't have children, and Google Ads will only give me my advertising fees if I permanently cancel my account, and will send them only ninety days after, not quick enough. I've contacted St. Vincent DePaul and found out that my particular branch is paid out, and the local Salvation Army is too. There's still some other charities I need to contact, still, however, and I've got to check out something called Mechanical Turk, though I don't think it'll meet my most immediate needs.

On Monday I'll revisit the office lady most intimate with my situation to see if they're willing to eat the deposit -- which is rather large -- to meet the expense, and if they do that'll meet all my needs and I'll promptly return all contributions, though it's uncertain they'll be willing to do that.

I hate borrowing, but I'm in a corner here. If you could help, or provide me with information I what I could do, I'd appreciate it.

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