Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tip Reminder!

Shameless solicitation for money.

Hey guys, I just want to remind you that I have a tip jar around here, which you guys can utilize to show your appreciation! I'll expand it later with more options, but for now it is what it is.

Don't forget that this blog is available for free for everyone, forever. I write these articles of my own initiation apart from any supporting organization for yours and mine benefit, to hone my own thoughts and give you the fruits of my experimentation and thinking (and the mistakes I make, so you don't have to commit them). It takes time and effort to keep this up.

As such, if I have added value into your life, it'd be awfully nice for you to add some back into mine! Trading, wouldn't it be? Such displays of appreciation would encourage me to keep on at this practice, and to even intensify it with even more scrupulous thinking, research, experimentation, and so forth. 

Do what adds value to your life, but I hope I have added some into yours to have deserved some as as well.

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