Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Supension of Posting for Erratic Examination

I've decided to suspend posting a a little while -- like a week and a half -- so that I can dedicate my energy almost entirely on this book I'm writing. Trying to balance it out with blog posting, at least the current way I'm doing it, is too difficult.

Furthermore, I'm going to reexamine my posting habits, for right now I think the current intensity of the pacing is waaaay too much for me. On some odd days I might really be able to put out the output, but that'll lead to burnout in no time. The editing phase is practically non-existent as it currently stands. Wouldn't it be better to lessen the quantity to uppen the quality?

Yes, it may seem impossible to you that you read that I intend to write a book in a little over a week, but given its brief length it's doable. I'm aiming more for a collection of long essays.

But anyhow, I need to restructure my habits in a way that is more effective towards boosting the quality of my writing. The current setup involves too much publishing and not enough refinement.

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  1. I'm going to miss your posts. :-(

    But it's important that you do what you judge best for yourself. ^_^


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