Monday, January 28, 2013

Right Now: Concentrating on Concentration

As of current my main short-term focus is on my concentration. I attended the live webcast event of Alex Epstein's course on productivity, and he elaborated on many fundamentals I already hold to be true, particularly that concentration is an important skill for efficiency and effectivity. It's a skill that grows with exercise, takes awhile to build up momentum in per session, and, once strong, can make you SUPER-fast, insightful, intelligent, etc. I highly recommend Epstein's course; it's just a scant hour recording, for which the fruits of knowledge are enormous.

Anyhow, in examining the role of concentration I remembered that the times where my concentration was the strongest I was also at my highest rate of efficiency, strongest intelligence, most stable emotionally, and so on. In other words, I was as strong in my character as I could ever hope to be, and no singular skill contributed as much to that as concentration. It led to the best work ethic, emotional health, personality, and more.

Though, I'd like to hold back on my analysis a little bit to save material for a longer article, but let's just say concentration is fundamental and essential, and probably the most important thing I need to do for myself is nurture it to be as strong as it possibly can. In fact, I'm delaying my book for a bit, as I also remembered that my best writing, by far, is done when I'm capable of totally immersing myself in writing and thinking, losing awareness of any foreign thoughts or distractions. There's a world of difference in the quality of my writing, and I fret to put out a quick book when my mental focus isn't that powerful, especially with as much as I've weakened it over months. I'm guilty of fidgeting, unproductive paces, and other minor, tiny things that chip away at keeping one's eyes on just one thing.

One I can get desirable concentration going . . . and stick to it . . . I'll get back to this blog, my book, my studies, and so force. Life is too short to exert yourself only halfway at any one thing, so I'm going to nurture my fundamental mental skill to unleash myself.

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