Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Only Small Inside Your Head

In trying to spur motivation in my own self I always wonder if there's a "hierarchy of mind," some kind of deep, fundamental thing I could chant to myself or do to stir interest. I wonder about it in the context of such a thing as strenuous living: Sure, that's practical, but is there deeper things that ought to motivate a person beforehand, to push them into strenuous living before they make that choice?

I'm unsure, but as of far I can at least give a friendly piece of advice: The world of possibility is overwhelmingly infinite. You have unlimited choices which you will never get through in your entire lifetime, and within our lifespan there's no way we can run out of things to learn, do, accomplish, or whatever even if we try to exert ourselves every single moment.

One thing I frequently worried about in younger days is whether mankind would learn everything there is to know within my lifetime, and then there'd be nothing to do. Nothing to do except wile away life . . . . . being bored. But when I pick up book or watch good educational programs, or watch good movies I see over and over again that there's no WAY I could "finish" my life. There's simply not enough time in the world for me to stuff it all into my head.

That's the kind of stuff I keep in mind whenever I'm in such a gloomy mood that I can't fathom ever enjoying anything in life ever again . . . as if all the recipes in the world possible have been tried out, all the restaurants opened, all the principles discovered . . . just nothing left to do in the culinary industry. And yet: I crack open a cookbook and immediately get overwhelmed at how much hasn't been done yet, and how it'd take more than a lifetime to get to it all.

If you're feeling down and thinking that happiness is impossible to you -- thinking that there's nothing in the realm of possible -- nothing left to do -- read a cookbook, watch Mythbusters, or whatever, to get a temper of what's out there in the world, and be spurred by the fact there's TOO much to do in the world, even, the exact opposite of any sort of boringness.

The world is rich; live strenuously in it.

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