Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm Actually Alive: My Youtube Channel

I'm going to try not to do more than one post a day -- lest I put incredible demands upon myself -- but since my queue is stockpiling I guess I'll make an exception and let people know that I have a Youtube Channel.

While irregular, it might be interesting to vary up articles with speeches, or to do a regular back and forth for whatever. Additionally, as I mentioned I have a speech-impediment it might do well for me to document my speaking improvement this way, especially since this is a form of practice for me. In the future I'm likely to get better equipment, but my current recording equipment is all I've got, so I've got to work within the limits.

So what do you think? Got some suggestions on how I could improve my voice, my body language, or rhetoric, even in recommending some resources? How about video suggestions? When could I define when it's better for me to do a video than an article, and vice versa?


  1. This is a very exciting development! I can't wait for more such vlogs from you. :-D

    Might you do any video responses to other philosophic videos on YouTube?

  2. Yeah, that could be a possibility, but how to go about it? Additionally, it'd need to be relevant to the theme of this blog.


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