Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Due Course to Prosperity: Small Time Author?

Permission for a slight deviation? (Well, I don't need your permission!)

Anyhow, in thinking of a friend's suggestion I've come to another potential money-making idea: Publishing short books, primarily long essays, on Amazon.com! When I think about the majority of the type of posting I do here on *A Giant Doing* I'm seeing that I'm often prone to long, long, looong articles, and to try and keep that up for seven days a week means an awful lot of free material, no? With an empty tip jar, that makes you a moocher!


Anyways, I figure that a lot of that long writing might be better suited for pay-per-download, from anywhere from a scant fifty cents to five dollars, and count on the volume of production from there. Sounds workable, no? Plus, with the payments I think I'll better afford  time to hone the writing more meticulously, and to put out a better product. The primary concern is marketing and advertising, and graphic design of covers.

I am currently working on a book, but I'm not going to unleash details about it until its actual release, not even giving hints. It shall come when it comes.

How I'll be able to balance the pursuit with *A Giant Doing* is still of question right now, as I have trouble really putting out concise posts; I really like doing the long stuff.  (And don't forget to send me stuff!)

Whatever the case, I must exert myself at something, to innovate for my survival. 

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