Saturday, January 12, 2013

Could Anyone Be More Serious Than This Painter?

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Ah, excellent news! Not only shall this be my first post on which I post a sample of just what greatness is possible in this world -- and how it's possible to adopt certain methods to obtain it -- but it's also going to be that painter guy I mentioned whose documentation of his journey was lost to me. I saw the link a few times, and then couldn't find it again for years. I was astounded when I first saw it.

His name is Johnathan Hardesty, who is an artist in Texas who has his own exhibitions and is particularly well-known for an interesting thing he did on the website Concept Art. He started a forum thread about a particular self-improvement venture he was going to undertake: He was going to dedicate himself to creating one painting per weekday and four on the weekends, and uploading every piece for the forum members to see, so that he could emulate the work ethic of an artist he admired and, too, reach his own level of artistic mastery.

He maintained that practice for nearly a decade. The goal in the abstract sounds like something someone would start and give up on . . . but he did it. Almost a whole decade.

That is symbolic of dedication. People, as you can read, were immensely moved by what he had accomplished, and some are even attempting to do what he did in their own threads. He was nothing but an amateur when he started, but he practiced so much that people are able to see his documented journey from having a high school technique to being a formal teacher with his own exhibitions.

What I recommend doing is setting up two browser tabs. Have one start at the beginning of the thread, and another at the end. Move forward in the former and backwards in the latter, and see just how heavily the skill contrasts.

In life it's important to pay attention to people like these because these are the people that prove just what's possible to human-beings, are the most potent spiritual fuel, and actually push people into bettering their lives. You can talk and talk about ideals, but nothing is so refreshing as seeing someone practice them and prove their merit, stirring up an outrageous fire within oneself. I want to make it a regular posting habit to display people like these to push people out of their seats. This is what you can have in life, if you do things like what Mr. Hardesty did! There is a definable and understandable process!

Do you have knowledge of any other feats like this? Send it to me, so I can have fodder for future posts!

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