Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taking the Safety Wheels Off the Brain

Reading this article about the effects of tools on the brain has really got me thinking about just what fashions I'm weakening my intellectual capacity by resorting to so many safeguards, such as spell check and the calculator. They're definitely convenient or even necessary at times, but how excessively used are they? And how much mental softening does this excess lead to?

I raise concern because one of my highest aims in life is to develop my intellectual capacity as far as I can take it because I so deeply value of mind of depth, broadness, and acuity. It's a mystery to me as to how I developed such an intense value, but surely it is one of my most intense. In pondering this article I've realized that the things I depend on for safety, such as the calculator, weaken me because, after all, I'd actually like to be able to do calculations in my head speedily and sharply. (Good for culinary math, you know.) Same goes for spelling: I'd like to be able to automatize the memories of the proper spellings, not just wait for the red squiggly lines to appear. On and on.

To put my money where my mouth is the safety wheels have got to go. Except where necessary, I need to do such things as abandon the calculator, turn off spell check, and so on if I am to take seriously the development of my mind. No tools where the mind can suffice!

It'll take awhile to see all the areas where I'm using mental tools excessively and how I need to address it, but for now I think I need to put down the calculator and do more calculations in my head and on paper, and in using spell check actually look at the corrected suggestion and type it out instead of selecting it to be pasted.

It'll all be tough, but few things worthwhile gaining are easy!

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