Friday, August 10, 2012

Delayed Affection?

I've noticed something strange about people that seems to be a widely consistent phenonmenon. Have you ever dealt with people who will, at first, seem to be oblivious to any positive mannerism you might show them, but in the next day or so they will ostensibly display a better estimate of you?

For example, I've noticed across a lot of relations that most people tend to be quite resistant to my sense of humor when I first meet them and will largely not react or crack a smile when I try to joke with them. They don't display any hostility or anything, it's just that they seem to be totally immune to response.

However, literally the next day or so I'll find that they'll pleasantly receive me, greeting me warmly and so, and will begin smiling and giving authentic reactions to the humor I display. It's like all it took for them was a night to sleep on it in order to form a particular estimate of me, and then begin acting on that estimate consequently. I think I have yet to see a case where this type of rule hasn't held up. It's formulaic almost: Meet someone, have them respond blandly to almost any single mannerism I show, and then witness the very next day a visible appreciation.

It probably doesn't hold true for all people, but it has affected my ways of treating people when I first meet them. My thought is that it just takes a night's sleep or so for an actual estimate to solidify, so when I first meet someone I try harder to keep positive and humorous despite any apparent resistance or non-reactions they may offer, and usually find our relationship has totally changed the following day. Even if not universally true, it is a worthwhile strategy to use in forming friendships.

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