Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Fantasy I Have About Cloning

A random musing about a particular set of daydreaming I do. I forgot how it started, but I continuously have this one particular fantasy which often brings me giggling amusement.

It has to do with cloning. It goes like this: Take any person you dislike and clone them several times over -- by magical means, I guess; you need not imagine the actual cloning process, just take for granted that the clones are there -- and then make the original person you dislike deal with the clones as part of regular routine. The most important things are that the clones have the same mind functions, making them identical in character to the original, and, to add the comedy, the clones are totally and perpetually oblivious to their own behavioral patterns, even if they witness it in the other clones or are spoken to about it.

Why is this funny to me? Well, if you dislike a person to a certain intensity about their vices, then the hilarity comes from playing out in your head watching the original see his vices played out before him, and even better yet to suffer from them firsthand!

The most frustrating thing about dealing with an irrational person whose characteristics impinge upon your comfort is that they can often and almost always be evasive that their irrationalities actually exist, regardless of how well you do to prove it to them. I've actually seen a person throw a loud yelling tantrum about an issue they were making themselves suffer over and blame me about it, and in fewer than five minutes later they calm down and pretend nothing ever happen, and are even practically in denial that it happened. Worse yet, they do it regularly. You can't get more evasive than that.

But what if they had a clone that threw a yelling tantrum at them and then also evaded it? If magic existed, would there be any more just punishment?

It puts a smile on my face since the most irrational of people are the least likely to look themselves in the mirror honestly. When they do face the unsightly issues about themselves, such as caving into emotional whims, they either get really worked up and evasive, or, most enjoyable, quiet, humble, and guilty.

That's what I like in this fantasy. You take all the attributes that grate you about a particular person and force them to look in the mirror about it by experiencing it first-hand via a clone with those same traits, who is so oblivious to it themselves that nothing stops them from indulging in that behavior. Have a person in your life who irrationally takes their rage out on you and then evades that fact? Witness their payback by experiencing that same rage unabated by a living mirror.

And yes, upping the number of clones ups the funny, for me. Have a loose cannon boss who mistreats his workers? Imagine a dozen of him, all at work at once, all clustered into a group, going off on each other and instilling chaos. 

Just a daydream, but a fun one at that.

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