Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Life Has Been Unusually Good Lately . . .

Ha, no! I haven't been a cretin in my blogging, having just freshly written an article about forcing myself to write everyday -- and then going silent for two. These past two days have been pretty busy, with my writing being elsewhere on Sunday and having almost my entire day taken up on Monday.

My life has been unusually good lately. I finally managed to secure a position in a fine-dining restaurant, which is certainly a huge event for me; I've been trying to get to that point for the past two years with nearly no avail, now finally having made success. A new chapter in my life! I'll still be washing dishes for a little bit . . . but the prospects for advancement are, I think, much much better.

Additionally, I've been getting some unexpected attention from chefs lately. A chef I performed a stage for well-over a year ago called me to recognize me for the document I had handed to him a few weeks ago, and just a few days ago I got a very surprising call from a French chef at a very impressive restaurant, calling to suggest that I apply for the position of weekend line cook. It's a long shot for me even getting a stage . . . but one must take risks, no?

It's refreshing to see that the pieces are falling into place, so long at last. I've worked hard these past years, and have had little else happen except observe the building up of my frustration. Over the past weeks it was nearing its peak, when suddenly all these good things have been happening. It bolsters my confidence and contentment, and encourages me to resume hard work.

This, I think, can be taken as a definitive refutation of the malevolent universe premise, the belief that the universe itself is somehow set against mankind, relegating humans to endless suffering without any avail in any of their pursuits for betterment. It's sad how many people inflict misery upon themselves by believing in such a thing, particularly when they self-sabotage themselves as a consequence. For instance, if I had strongly believed in this premise then I probably would have made myself believe that there's no hope for me getting into a fine dining restaurant, and consequently wouldn't have tried. By not trying, I wouldn't get my career where I want it to go, and be unhappy, and by being unhappy I would "justify" my malevolent universe premise and strengthen my belief by voluntarily fixing the game against myself.

Instead, even with an economy this terrible and a world on the verge of collapse, I kept going and applied to those restaurants. And now I got what I wanted, didn't I? It proves that the realization of your happiness in this world IS possible, and that there's no mystical/magical force putting the odds against you. The only way to make the malevolent universe premise "true" is to believe in it and have it curtail any good behavior and practices you would otherwise maintain, which will make you create by yourself the very problems you think the universe is handing towards you.

Well, from here for me there is little else except self-improvement needing to be done. I've got to learn meticulously the workings of my place, establish goals to chance, and even continue applying to fine dining places. On that last, I don't consider my job hunt complete, as for financial reasons I need to hold two jobs, and I'd like to make it so that they're both in fine dining, as my other current employ is mid-scale.

Now then, don't give up on your life!

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