Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Escalation with Mr. Knife? (With Not Me Being on the Receiving End)

Oh boy, it looks like some serious stuff is going to go down in my household before I leave, and thankfully it looks like I'll escape being on the receiving end of it. All I need to do is have my utility application approved and the lease signed, so after that I'll be dandy and in my new place by Monday, hopefully.

Well, when I came home from work last night my landlord surprised me at the top of the stairs and told me that she was waiting up for Mr. Knife. Apparently he failed to pay his rent by the agreed upon date (that day), and she herself was experiencing some difficulty as she needed to have it to pay her mortgage, and already submitted the payment online. This may be super illegal, as she knows the payment will bounce in its current state, and is gambling on whether Mr. Knife will pay her in time or not. Legal-wise I don't know how that would pan out, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's going to bring her a step closer to having her home repossessed.

Mr. Knife hasn't been home all week the same times I have, so luckily we've never been under the same roof since that temperamental scolding last weekend morning. My landlord went into his room to verify that his property is still there, which could lead to an intense conflict since Mr. Knife, after all, threatened me with a knife due to his irrational paranoia that I went into his room, so he's likely to a blow-up if my landlord tells him that she went in, if he notices any changes, or if he sees her on his security camera footage (if he wasn't lying to me before about installing it). It feels like my landlord has sacrificed herself in that instance, throwing herself like a steak to a rabid attack dog (where I get to escape in the midst of the distraction). 

She asked me to notify her when Mr. Knife comes in so that she can confront him, and while I promised (and maybe lied, since I wasn't sure about getting myself into that mess) he never came back. The anticipation of fireworks kept me awake into the dark hours of the morning.

(I certainly don't endorse lying, but my landlord has been borderline illegal with me and has immorally forced me to pick up the pieces of her irresponsibility far too many times, and since I'm moving quickly to escape a potentially dangerous situation where violence is possible I'll say whatever I can to get out of her peaceably and unharmed. She is in no way an innocent victim.)

I don't know how this is going to play out, and despite my temptation to watch I will hopefully get out of here before Mr. Knife gets home. Apparently he's driving four hours east for the weekend, perhaps giving me plenty of time. My landlord, in the meanwhile, will probably be a whiny whiner.

Well, it goes to further show what a bad judge of people my landlord is. She doesn't dig in enough with her interviews, and is probably too anxious for her own good to get a money-flow from a tenant that she doesn't take enough time in forming a judgment. And geez, now she's likely gotten herself involved with a drug-abusing thug. (At least the thug portion is for certain.)

I've secured a line of credit from my credit union to secure myself, so all I need now is the utility approval and for the lease to be signed.

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