Friday, January 6, 2012

A Bartending Conundrum: Playing Music

In preparing for my bartending, I've been thinking of just about everything I'm going to do in order to become the best I can, from how I'll maintain the appearance of my shelves to what kind of equipment I'll bring with me. However, the one dead end I keep running into in my thinking is what I should put on the televisions behind me while I work.

It concerns me because I want them to be tuned to some channel that meshes along nicely with the atmosphere and aids in setting it. While I still lived in Michigan I once went to a somewhat upper-class gourmet food store that looked very attractive inside, but was playing modern music on the radio that clashed so greatly with the environment that I couldn't stop being distracted by it. It just didn't fit there and gave me an overall negative estimate of the place, since they did well with their shelves but became careless with their music. I don't want that to happen under my watch, so I'm trying to figure out the optimal channels.

Given that work is for working, I'm not going to be watching those televisions, especially since I hardly watch television at home but for one show I follow on the internet. In addition to not being distracted, I want to set some music channels on as my "default" whenever a costumer hasn't asked for something in particular to be turned on, and when popular sports games aren't on. The problem is that I can't decide upon exactly what type of music to put on. My taste in classical and jazz, I think, wouldn't be appropriate. And of course the issue does matter lest you think I'm being too seriously, for you'd know right away that death metal would be wrong for a family-appropriate dining establishment.

For the stronger musical lovers amongst me, I reach out for your opinion!

I don't know exactly what type of cable hookup with have, but it is Direct TV, and here are the packages. (Scroll down a little bit to see the channel options, then check "Satellite Radio" to see only the music options. Just look at the *Choice* options.)

I don't want to list my company here, so instead I'll say it's a middle-scale pizza restaurant that applies to all age groups and types, and has a good mixture of from-scratch cooking (such as making the dough and tossing it by hand) and preprepared stuff (such as the roasted red peppers). Just about everyone comes, from families to the single individuals having a drink at the bar.

Optimally, I want to figure out a good set of options that would be appropriate and rotate between them, and just change the channel at the costumer's request or when an important sports game is on, otherwise I want to concentrate on doing my work, doing on-the-job learning, or, most importantly, interacting and conversing with the costumer.

What do you think?

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