Thursday, November 24, 2011


So I'm back. I decided that chocolate reviewing isn't in my best interests given my life and health goals, so I have ceased the practice and will now try to reestablish the habit of blogging more on my life. Initially I thought to revive Musing Aloud, but in the end I decided against it since a certain group of people I don't care for are aware I have a web presence there, so once again I am creating another blog, which may strike as silly those who know this is my fourth address. The thing is that with that group I cannot be as open as I'd like to be, as I'm open to all kinds of harassment in the comments sections (which they have done before), so this blog will maintain the same theme as Musing Aloud, only I'm changing my title and address for a little more privacy. I don't care how many people read this; just not those people.

But I guess I might as well make the theme explicit. Musing Aloud originally didn't have a theme. In fact, it was pretty much random -- I just wrote about whatever I felt like. However, soon enough it became apparent that self-improvement was the general subject of my blog, as I was constantly analyzing my character and setting up/tracking goals and practices to make alternations towards a better, more skilled, happier person. So I'll transfer that type of writing here too, only with some minor changes.

For the most part, I think what made Musing Aloud so inherently frustrating is how *formally* I was going about what I wanted to be a *casual* blog. Not only did I set goals and practices, I also adhered to and tracked them with a very irritating meticulousness. Rather than simply dedicate myself to goal for my own private knowledge I was cumbersomely dedicating a lot of time constructing articles on my progress, and all that writing took up more time than I wanted it to. And oh!, do you guys remember the weekly summaries? Nobody really read those, but I kept it up for well over half a year, and man it was a bastard. Incredibly redundant and such a time sink! I love writing and want to maintain the practice for the rest of my life since I think it's good for the mind, but as of now I don't foresee any professional writing in my future, so I don't want to tie myself down to writing regularly when there are other things I should be doing. Too much time here can added up to time drained from other areas of life. If I want to be the best I can be, I've got to be careful, so I don't intend to maintain a regular schedule of writing at all. Just posts on what I want when I see fit. No more weekly summaries or burdensome goal tracking!

Furthermore, I'm going to try and take a more relaxed approach to editing. Those of you who have done any serious writing, even if just for a school project, can understand how paranoid it can make a person to scan a piece for conciseness, grammar errors, and whatnot. Calling it paranoia is an understatement: There have been cases where I reread a piece over and over again feverishly, trying to hit "publish" but refusing to do so for fear of that one last edit I can make, thus submitting myself to the torture of mentally pacing craters in the ground. It would do good for a professional writer to develop that kind of extreme OCD, but I, an aspiring chef? I'm not quite sure I want to write my own cookbook yet. So for most pieces I'll just type them up, give them a light once-over, and hit publish errors-be-damned. I just want to vent myself, introspect, and identify valuable pursuits; not chain myself to a Platonic standard of perfectionism in writing. So if you see any errors in my writing . . . well, forget it!

There will probably be a tinge of randomness here and there too, though still loosely centered around the pursuit of values and maximizing talent. I might analyze the psychology I witnessed in a confrontation I had with someone to better understand the best ways of dealing with people, or I might post a music video and explain why I like it; ha! I call the shots.

I'm not sure if I'll do anything to make my blog layout anymore sophisticated than this, not even give it a photoshopped banner or anything. Making the ultra-simplistic layouts I did for Musing Aloud and Capital Bean actually took hours and lots of aggravation, something I don't anticipate looking forward to again. So let this blog be content driven above all else!

Lastly, contrary to what said in another article, I might work to be a little more open about my life than I have been since then of April. Unless you've forgotten, as of March 2011 I have moved from my home of Michigan to that of Texas, and I've discovered that maintaining a web presence is treated surprisingly different in Texas in contrast to Michigan. In Michigan people treat things like Facebook and Twitter as separate, forbidden universes, so no one would ever talk to you about or acknowledge what you put online, which is very awkward and uncomfortable, and made me feel like I'm leading a double life. In Texas, however, people actually talk to you about what you put online, such as a political opinion you expressed or personal happening you wrote about. I think that's great. It makes me feel more intimate with my associates since I know they're actually acknowledging me for my total character, and pleasurably it makes communication much more efficient since you can write about a personal event and all your conversations started by friends can leave off from what they've read, rather than you having to explain everything to every friend that talks to you about it. As such, I see it as a personal advantage to be a little bit more open online since it has the potential to enhance my real-life friendships in that we can interact in different ways in different levels that isn't always possible in person, due to the facts we don't deal with each other 24/7 or don't always have private one-on-one contact. How far I'll go with that openness depends on my comfort.   

So I'm back! Man, it feels good to be writing casually like this. Writing chocolate reviews can be fun, but they don't offer the same type of satisfaction, plus it's hard to think of extensive wording for each chocolate. Here, the subject will lend themselves to their proper length and terms, and I won't fret about it.

Let's meet again soon. See you next article.

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