Monday, November 28, 2011

A Bowser Shirt You Should See

Shame on me. A new blog, and yet I'm so slow to update, uh? Well, I've been trying, honest! Work is taking up an appreciated amount of my life -- I got promoted to bartender now! -- and the longer article I wanted to publish is going to the heap since my writer's frustration won't allow its release. I typed up my introductory post so fast that I forgot to mention why I titled my blog A Giant Doing and what has become of my self-sustaining farm project I touted so long ago (Galt's Gulch), so I must get to writing on those, but for the time being I've got other things to do.

So look at this awesome shirt:

Some of you might already know I love Bowser. I've been waiting forever for a company to make some clothing with only him on it. I even e-mailed Nintendo and didn't get a response. What clothing he does appear on he's often overshadowed by other Mario Bros. characters, or resigned to the background, so I had to get this as soon as I saw it. I wish they made more, as I'd like to to wear while working out. Oh, and some pajama pants would be nice too: The King of Koopas for every occasion.

Of course, I don't admire Bowser for his evil, but rather for his virtues. Despite the fact that he's portrayed as an evil character, if you examine the entire context of the Mario Bros. series you'll find that Bowser would actually be an admirable guy if you omitted his sole vice of wanting to rule the world. In other words, a lot of virtue is mixed in with his vice, and since these isolatable virtues don't also exist within the hero Mario it makes Bowser a more interesting character. For instance, Bowser is very muscular and slim (for his species) while Mario has no muscle definition and a protruding belly: Which would you prefer for yourself? My thinking has led me to actually dislike Mario in fact, and I feel guilty and regretful for every game I've played where Bowser suffers defeat.

Check out this lengthy essay of mine from the past which fully explains why I like Bower and find Mario (and Peach!) contemptible.

Also, check out my essay on my estimate of my favorite song, Danse Macabre, and how it has helped me learn what it is that I find inspiring about "evil."

(Lastly, you might like my essay on Why I Like Dragon Ball Z, where my admiration is this time based in authentic heroism.)

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